Feeling good?

flagga brittiskFeeling good is profound. It rules the world. The state of mind, feeling happy, content seems to lie behind all actions taken in the world, even the most malicious and selfdestructive ones.

Why do I take another piece of chocolate? Because I am hungry? Would not think so. Why do I want to dress upp? Because I need to keep my body warm and secure? Possibly, but I doubt that fashionindustry solely is driven by it.  Why do people strive for money when they already have enough? I heard a rich man say that it is power over other people.
Pride, jealousy, the need to be loved, liked, accepted and respected are strong forces and can make people do things they did not expect even from them selves. Pride in fear of your own despise. Jealouse in fear of your own shortcomings, and if you can not be loved and respected at least you can be feared and respected.

That every action and therefore in its prolongation, everything, is so dependent on the grasping for an evasive emotion.

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